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Microwave Plasma Assembly Tube Replacement

Finally, there is another option when the discharge tube fails in any AX7610 Microwave Plasma Source assembly, used in chamber cleaning, ashing, strip & passivation, wafer cleaning, etc. S&D Materials can remove the failed sapphire or quartz tube, install a new OEM-quality tube, and return the assembly (tube encased inside copper cooling coil) to its original condition for a fraction of the cost. Check it out!


  • Sapphire Parts
    We supply sapphire material and parts of all sizes and shapes – existing and new designs – for semiconductor manufacturing, energy, optics, aerospace, education & research, industrial equipment, military, government and more industries every day.
  • Semiconductor Parts
    We offer an efficient, reliable pipeline into the marketplace of pre-owned, refurbished and third-party equipment, subsystems and spare parts for anything associated with semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing.
  • Ferrofluid Seals
    We sell, service and repair ferrofluid seals, including multiaxial feedthroughs, hollow and solid-shaft feedthroughs, rotary gas unions, reactive gas seals and more. We repair or replace ferrofluid seals for legacy technology, or design custom solutions for any application.
  • Industrial Components
    We supply a variety of components in a wide range of industrial applications like process measurement and control, vacuum products, air system components and more.

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  • Sapphire Part Design Review & Analysis/Rapid Prototyping
    We offer a menu of services designed to support companies, organizations and institutions in the successful design, prototyping and production of sapphire products.
  • Microwave Plasma Assembly Tube Replacement
    When the discharge tube fails in your AX7610 Microwave Plasma Source assembly, as an alternative to purchasing a new unit, S&D Materials can simply remove the failed quartz or sapphire tube and, for a fraction of the cost, replace it with a new OEM-quality tube.
  • Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
    We offer revolutionary Dry Ice Blast Cleaning technology, an effective, environmentally friendly and object-safe process that causes no damage to the part being cleaned and leaves behind no harmful waste to be disposed of.
  • Vacuum Valve Service, Repair & Overhaul
    Our Engineering group will perform cleaning, repair or complete overhaul, using only OEM spare parts, for over forty models of vacuum valves from VAT, Varian and others, and also repair failed Stepping Motor Drivers used in many process areas.

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