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SAPPHIRE is the second-hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, behind only diamond; both materials can also be produced synthetically.

Semiconductor Spare Parts


Has your organization made the decision to maximize production from every available piece of equipment, or to consider refurbishing as an option before buying new equipement? Have you been trying to find a specific part, only to have a quick, simple task turn into a time killing challenge? Have you learned the hard way that not every supplier will honor every commitment?

We can help.

S&D Materials offers an efficient, reliable pipeline into the marketplace of pre-owned, refurbished and third-party equipment, subsystems and spare parts for semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing. Manufacturers today have, maybe more than ever before, set the mandate to 'Do more with less,' and taking advantage of all options has become part of procurement strategies everywhere. Get the discount without the risk.

When we receive a needs list, we don't just check our own inventory; we check the inventory of hundreds of warehouses worldwide. We don't just look for the exact P/N we're given; we look for known alternate P/N's and even for assemblies that might contain the part you need. We access on-line equipment lists, auction houses and websites, dealers, distributors, brokers, liquidators, fabs and foundries worldwide.

We will qualify the part offered, verify its identification and condition, and handle the payment, warranty and after-sales support. If you find a part you need on your own, but don't know the seller and they need prepayment, we can help with that too. With so many relationships already in place, we can facilitate the transaction under an umbrella of security that extends to both sides.

Business Challenge/Why

Manufacturers all over the world require replacement parts that are not readily available from regular suppliers, whether they are equipment makers, distributors, solution and service providers or equipment resellers. Some parts and assemblies are no longer manufactured; others are still in production but with painfully long lead times; still more are obsoleted by the OEM but now manufcatured by a third party. S&D Materials has developed a worldwide network of trading partners that can be accessed instantaneously whenever a hard-to-find item is needed. If it can be found, our location specialists will find it.


In any industry, there is a 'front door' distribution channel built around wonderful forecasting models, predictive allocation schemes, resource requirements planning that are inexact at best and speculative at worst. In a perfect world, manufacturers would stop supporting technology on the day customers ceased using it. We know well these days that the world is far from perfect, but history has shown us that if free markets and enterprising spirits are left to their own designs, the gaps between the way a market is supposed to work, and how it actually does, are bridged. The surplus of parts and equipment can always be hooked up with an underestimated need, a tool taken off line by one company can find a home with another manufacturer with an immediate need. Liquidation specialists, on-line auction houses, companies that will back a truck up and buy your used equipment by the ton - these firms exist in every industry and they serve a valuable role. The challenge is in sifting through the hundreds of companies and thousands of listing and lines of fine print to manage the risk of using these resources. That's what S&D Materials does.

Features & Benefits/Advantages

S&D Materials is creative, fast, resourceful, relentless source for all types of parts, tools and equipment for semiconductor, wafer fab and flat panel display manufacturing.

  • Instantaneous access to many sources and marketplaces
  • Trusted partner responsible for inspection, verification and terms
  • Safe, reliable, responsive
  • Relentless, persistent, resourceful
  • No hassle return policy
  • Ability to help offload unwanted equipment
  • Up to 75% off OEM pricing

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