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Who We Are

Since the company was started in 2003, S & D Materials has operated on the principle that every point of contact between trading partners is an opportunity to either add value to the relationship, or take it away. We work to add to that value every time. We’re reliable, responsive, thorough and honest, and we will never take for granted when a customer trusts us with their business. We honor our commitments, we communicate quickly, we deliver solutions despite the challenges, and our lean operation lets us offer the best pricing possible.

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Technology Solutions

S & D Materials, located in Rochester, NH USA, provides a diversified but related portfolio of products and services to manufacturers, end users, and channel partners of all types and tiers on every continent.

Sapphire Solutions

We supply synthetic sapphire windows, lenses, wafers, substrates, tubes, ingots, rods and other forms used in multiple industries like semi mfg., optics, aerospace, electronics, medical equipment and more.

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Sapphire On Quartz

Sapphire-On-Quartz (SOQ) parts - quartz substrates with a thin coating of sapphire on the surface – are used in the CF4 plasma environments common in chip making processes.

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Optical Materials

We supply optical components made from materials such as sapphire, quartz, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, BK7, silicon, and others for many applications and uses.

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Coating Solutions

We provide optical and protective coatings, either as finished coated parts on multiple substrate materials, or we'll coat customer-supplied parts. Coating solutions incl. anti-reflective, bandpass filters, UV filters.

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Ferrofluidic Solutions

We sell and repair ferrofluidic (magnetic) seal solutions for feedthroughs, rotary gas unions and host assemblies of all types from Novellus, Axcelis, AMAT, TEL and Varian.

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Semiconductor Solutions

S & D supplies ceramics consumables, various critical parts and assemblies; we also sell and service ferrofluid seals used in diffusion, implant and etch process areas, and we overhaul MKS/ASTeX plasma applicators.

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We stock sapphire, quartz and sapphire-coated quartz semiconductor parts.

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Markets & Applications

Our products are used in scalpels and lasers, flame detectors and telescopes, Mars Rover and fighter jets, and supplied to Fortune 100 corporations and major manufacturers, technology innovators, colleges, universities and research labs.


Aerospace & Defense

A trusted source for high performance and optical materials, coating solutions, ferrofluidic solutions, equipment cleaning and refurbishing services.

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Medical & Industrial

Where OEMs and end users go for the best value on new and replacement parts made from high performance materials.

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Semiconductor Mfg

A specialized resource for value-driven products and services for the semiconductor and solar industries.

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Power & Energy

A source for high-performance materials, coating solutions, specialized equipment services for the oil and gas, solar, electric and nuclear industries.

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R&D and Higher Ed

A fast source for small volumes and custom solutions needed by technology developers doing valuable work at institutions and research labs.

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Electronics & Tech

Providing solutions to support the many breakthrough technologies used in cutting edge solutions for materials, optics, electronics, computing.

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Optics & Photonics

A reliable and consistent source for optical components made from different materials used in optics, lasers, photonics applications.

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