S & D Materials was founded in Amherst, New Hampshire, USA as a secondary distribution channel for sapphire crystal growers to sell parts used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  The company formed alliances with leading sapphire producers in the US, Europe and Asia, covering various growth methods to produce all types sapphire. Expertise and resources were acquired to fabricate any finished part, from sapphire tubes & pins, sapphire windows and wafers, to complex shapes and intricate features.

In 2005, the company began offering quartz parts to its sapphire customers, followed by sapphire-coated quartz (SOQ) as a blended, hybrid solution in 2007.

In 2008, S & D diversified, adding specialized refurbishing capabilities for magnetic, or ferrofluidic seals and MKS/ ASTeX plasma applicators, along with cleaning and coating capabilities for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

By 2012, S & D Materials was a recognized leader in the synthetic sapphire industry; the company was contracted by a major materials provider to perform an analysis of the potential of sapphire to be used to replace Gorilla Glass ® as the primary cover screen material for smart phones worldwide.  The resulting report provided critical intelligence for this company's decision and the industry's ultimate direction.

In March 2018, after a two year absence, the company's founder returned to the company full time, with two additional areas of focus added to the company's portfolio; optical materials, and optical & protective coatings.

In June 2018, S & D introduced Tool Down™ Semi Solutions division, specializing in urgent & critical requirements to get offline semiconductor equipment back to operational as quickly as possible.

Our Vision and Values

We understand that business is relationships, and success depends on those relationships having real value to everyone involved. We further recognize that every point of contact is an opportunity to either add value to the relationship, or take it away; seldom does an interaction result in neither. In all aspects of our business, every process and system, every decision, every action is designed to add value to those relationships.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to improving our customers' performance by providing superior products and services critical to their business, and applying knowledge, experience and commitment to deliver unparalleled value around the world.

Our Values

Ethics & Integrity

Our company founder said, 'Integrity is not situation-specific; it is one of the true absolutes in life.' We continue this tradition today by making ethical business decisions and by treating people with honesty and respect.


Quality is the contract, the foundation of our brand promise and the key to our global competitiveness. If it has S&D Materials' name on it, our customers know without doubt that a certain standard of quality will be guaranteed.


Ideas are the equalizers; with great ideas, the smallest start-up can succeed where giants fail. We are always seeking unique solutions to problems, new approaches to old tasks, and novel ways to improve the performance and extend the life of everything our customers use.