Quality, Reliability & Performance For Semiconductor Manufacturing

Optimal semiconductor tool performance relies on a stable, reliable, low-cost supply for spares and consumables, and for the repair, refurbishment and replacement of critical tools and assemblies.   S & D Materials supplies both off the shelf and customized solutions that meet demanding requirements for quality, reliability and cleanliness. Our mission is to keep your equipment operating better for longer, lowering total cost of ownership of tools from AMAT, Axcelis, Novellus, TEL, LAM, Gasonics, Ulvac, Varian, Matrix, Oerlikon, Unaxis, MKS/ASTeX and more.

Spares and replacements parts made from sapphire, quartz, silicon, ceramic along with our Sapphire On Quartz (SOQ) items are in stock or available. We provide services for ferrofluidic seals in feedthroughs and rotary gas unions, and MKS/ASTeX plasma applicators used in many tools for chamber cleaning.  

Our ToolDown™ item locator system accesses real-time inventories of 500 + global semiconductor trading partners, and guarantees the most comprehensive search and fastest delivery available in the market today. The accuracy, quality, performance and reliability of every item we supply is guaranteed 100%. 

Fabs and foundries count on S & D Materials for the semiconductor equipment needs.

Sapphire Solutions Tubes
Sheets, plates
Pins, rods, thermocouples
Boats, carriers
Substrate wafer
Plasma etching
Windows, Chamber viewports
Lift Pins, Guide Pins, Probes
Wafer movement
Epitaxial device growth
Window, viewport
Plasma tubes
Plates, covers, membranes
Plasma etch protection
Optical Materials Optical filters
Lenses, covers, screens
Optical components
Laser, illumination systems
Photonics components
Sighting, locating systems
Coating Solutions UV Coatings
Mirror, A/R, Bandpass filters
Eye safe protection
Materials development
Optics, photonics
Ferrofluidics Rotary gas unions
Wafer handling
Rotary seals
Semi Solutions -
Plasma Applicator Repair
AX7610 Sapphire / Quartz tube sales & repair
AX7610 Sapphire / Quartz tube kit refurbishing
Chamber cleaning, Strip & passivation, surface prep
Semi Solutions -
Ceramics Consumables
Quartz, SOQ, Silicon, SiC, Alumina, Ceramic Rings, electrodes, covers, plates, collars, boats, effectors