Coating Solutions

An optical coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on a substrate to change or control the way light is reflected or transmitted by the substrate material. Protective and contact coatings are applied to optics to resist harmful or undesirable impact by their environment, or to unlock an additional feature. 

S & D Materials offers ‘best of breed’ optical and protective coatings for the materials we supply, either finished coated parts or applying coating to customer-supplied substrates as a service. Coating solutions apply one or more thin film layers on a broad range of substrates, a group containing optical glasses, crystalline, ceramic, and plastic materials. 

We offer complete supply chain solutions for customers looking for a one-stop shop for coating solutions for optical parts. We work with customers from concept through prototype and qualification, to build-to-print. No matter your application or environment, S & D has the right coating solution for your needs.

Coating Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Optical Coatings

    Anti-Reflection (A/R) Coatings  

    • Reduce Transmission Loss – Optimize performance in specified wavelength ranges.
    • Single or multi-layer – From UV to FIR wavelengths.
    • Multiple substrate materials – Optical glass, plastics & polymers, ceramics, crystalline substrates available.

    Ultraviolet Filters and Blockers  

    • Protection from damage - Often used for ocular protection to block excess harmful UV emission from process chamber.
    • Tunable spectral range – Capable of preselecting wavelengths to be blocked or permitted.
    • Material independent – Applicable to multiple optical materials.

    Beamsplitters, Optical Filters, Mirror Coatings, 3D Sensor Coatings 

    • Beamsplitters - Use multilayer dielectric film splits incoming light into reflected and transmitted elements over a defined spectral range; polarized or non-polarized.
    • Band pass, Shortpass, Longpass, Notch Filters – Typically constructed using multilayer dielectric coating that blocks energy outside of a known wavelength band.
    • Very, very narrow band bass filters - For 3D sensor applications.
  • Conductive Transparent Coatings

    Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)   

    • Electrically conductive, optically transmissive coating for glasses and plastic substrates.
    • Combined with dielectric layers for AR and index matching.
  • Protective & Contact Coatings

    Hydrophobic / Oleophobic 

    • Oleophobic coatings resist smudging and fingerprints by repelling organic compounds. 
    • Hydrophobic coatings repel water droplets on optical surfaces, including polymers, glass, ceramics and crystalline materials.
    • Oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings can be applied to other coatings as part of a multilayer recipe.

    Protective Sapphire (Al2O3)

    • Thin layer of sapphire on quartz parts protect against etching due to CF4 plasma used in semiconductor, solar, industrial manufacturing applications.

    Twin Arc Spray (TWAS

    • Protects shields from deposition accumulation.
  • Why S & D Materials?
    • Best of Breed - Extensive research and testing has gone into S&D’s portfolio of the best coating solutions available for each family and type.
    • Custom solutions available - Evaporation chamber, sputtering chamber & vacuum chamber available for custom optical coating. 
    • Volume production capabilities – Used in many environments with high heat, extreme pressure, harmful chemicals and gases and other harsh conditions.
    • High quality, high purity – Proven technologies and robust vacuum equipment prevent impurities and eliminate inferior performance.

Specifications & Data

Applications and Industries

Optical Coating Solutions

Coating / Coated Product Application / Use Industry / Market
Optical Filter Fluorescense microscopy, spectroscopy
Inspection instrumentation
Imaging Sensor
Life Sciences, Defense / Aerospace, Semiconductor Mfg
Optical Mirror Beam steering
Automotive, Life Sciences, Space & Defense, Industrial
Beamsplitter Laser / illumination systems
Laser Systems, Life Sciences, Semiconductor Mfg.
Diffraction Grating Spectroscopy
Laser / illumination systems
Photonics, Lasers
Bandpass filter
Narrow Bandpass Filter
Wireless transmitters
Heads up displays
Remote imagingGesture Recognition & Control
Remote multi-spectral range imaging
3D Sensors
Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor Mfg.
Sensors & Imaging
UV Filter Eye safe protection Semiconductor Mfg,
Cold Mirror
Hot Mirror
Image Projection
Medical Device & Instrumentation
3D printers
Fiber Optics
Laser / illumination systems
Photonics, Lasers
Lens Multiple Optics, Photonics, Lasers, Defense
Complex geometries, features Showerhead, wafer carrier, boat
Prism, beamsplitter
Dental bracket
Laser / illumination systems
Semiconductor Mfg, Optics, Defense / Aerospace, Medical, Electronics

Conductive & Transparent Coating Solutions

Coating / Coated Product Application / Use Industry / Market
Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) Surface conductivity Technology, Electronics
Twin Arc Spray (TWAS) Deposition inhibition Semiconductor Mfg.

Protective Transparent Coating Solutions

Coating / Coated Product Application / Use Industry / Market
Oleophobic Fingerprint oil resistance Consumer Electronics, Aerospace
Hydrophobic Water resistance Power & Energy, Semiconducrtor Mfg.
Sapphire (Al2O3) Fluorine Plasma Protection Semiconductor Mfg, Defense, Aerospace

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