Semiconductor Solutions

The semiconductor manufacturing industry relies on a vast supply chain for products and services that supply equipment, parts, consumables, and the cleaning, repair and overhaul services that support those items.

S & D Materials supplies chip fabs and foundries, along with a global network of companies supporting them, with 'ceramic' consumables – sapphire, quartz, SiC, silicon, ceramic, alumina – for every tool maker. We're a source for critical items when a tool is down, and we offer a portal to international supplier base, from sourcing and vendor qualification to transaction management.

S & D overhauls MKS/ASTeX plasma applicators used in multiple tools; we can either install new sapphire or quartz tubes in your applicator, or supply new units. We also repair and refurbish ferrofluid (magnetic) seals in feedthroughs and spindles from Novellus, AMAT, Axcelis, TEL and Varian; most models are also available for sale. To learn more, click on the link. When deposition has built up on sputter shields and other parts, S & D can safely clean and remove it.

Semiconductor Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Products For Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Ceramics consumables – Both OEM original parts and 'Second Source' options are available.
    • Critical Items ‘Tool Down’ solutions – Real-time visibility into hundreds of inventory databases, auction sites, end users, liquidators, etc. allowing comprehensive sourcing.
    • Supplier & Transaction Management – Product sourcing; Risk management, financing, quality assurance, satisfaction guarantee for international transactions, new or one-time trading partners.
  • Services For Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Sales and repair of ASTeX AX7610 / AX9013 Plasma applicator - Both sapphire and quartz tube replacements available.
    • Sales and repair of ferrofluid seals – Standard repairs, major overhauls, new units and special 'Swap Out' programs are available.
    • Cleaning & Resurfacing – Safe deposition removal and protective coatings for equipment used in multiple process areas.
  • Why S & D Materials?
    • Creative Inventory Options – Consignment stock, buffer stock, scheduled releases all possible for enabling customers to optimize availability and eliminate shortages.
    • We Never Close - 24 / 365 Customer Support for all products and services.
    • No order is too small – Except in rare circumstances, we do not impose a minimum order threshold.  We know small orders can turn into big customers.   
    • Proactive Warranty resolutions – We will always work to resolve your issue or solve the problem as our highest priority.


Ceramics / Consumables

S & D Materials supplies spare parts and consumable items made from a set of materials grouped as ‘ceramics’ for semiconductor manufacturing equipment from many OEMs used in all process areas. Both OEM original and approved second source parts are available in new, pre-owned and refurbished conditions, and we access real time inventory data within a worldwide network of part providers in addition to our in-house inventory.

Fused quartz
Synthetic sapphire
Silicon carbide (SiC)
Silicon Ceramic
Hot edge ring, retaining ring, focus ring, electrode, showerhead, nozzle, lamp tray, window, viewport, cover, collar, tray, boat, end effector ALD, CVD, Diffusion, Etch, Ion implant, PVD, Sputter AMAT, Axcelis, ASTeX, Gasonics, LAM Research, Mattson, Novellus, Matrix, Oerlikon, Ulvac, Varian

Critical Items

When circumstances force a critical tool offline, the urgency to obtain a needed part increases rapidly with every hour production is lost. S & D employs creative methods to get you the item you need faster – queue management, stock swaps, buffer stock, consignment stock – and we will exhaust every available option to improve delivery.

Ceramics consumables
Heater blocks, pedestal, ESCs
Bellows, Chillers
Assemblies, Kits
  • TOOL DOWN™ Worldwide Expedite service
  • Real Time availability data in 500+ warehouses
  • Customer-specific Buffer Stock
  • On Site Consignment Programs available

International Supply Chain Management

When the ideal product or service for your situation resides with a new or unknown supplier, particularly an international one, the transaction can bring some risk, a cash flow impact, warranty agreement and possibly other issues. S & D has developed the experience and an international network of trading partners to enable us to offer individual transaction management or long term supply chain support in these situations.

Overseas sourcing: Secure, trusted access to hundreds of low priced overseas suppliers
QA Quality Assurance: Quality gatekeeper; ensure accuracy, form, fit and function of all items
Transaction guarantee: Responsible for satisfactory delivery of goods or services
Transaction financing: Eliminate, absorb or neutralize prepayment requirements
Issue management: Work on customers behalf to resolve any issues during or after transaction
Warranty enforcement: Manage any warranty issues to final satisfactory resolution


AX7610 Plasma Applicator

S & D Materials provides refurbishment for the MKS/ASTeX AX7610 family of plasma applicators with new sapphire and quartz tubes. We replace tubes with a new sapphire or quartz tube, or we can provide the entire plasma applicator of tube inside a copper cooling coil.

Sapphire Discharge Tube

  • New applicators available with new copper cooling coil
  • Standard & extra long tubes

Quartz Discharge Tube

  • Non-fluorine based gases
  • Standard & extra long tubes


AMAT, Axcelis, ASTeX, LAM, Novellus, Ulvac, Varian

*New Applicators Available*


Ferrofluid Seal Sales & Repair

S & D Materials sells, repairs and overhauls spindles, feedthroughs, rotary gas unions in semiconductor tools from TEL, Varian, AMAT, Novellus & Axcelis for Diffusion, Ion Implantation & CVD. We also repair and rebuild custom ferrofluid seals from Ferrotec, Rigaku, EKK and others.

TEL 8", 12"
TEL 12"
VARIAN Vision 80 8" RMS
VARIAN 8" 3180, 3290
NOVELLUS Concept 2

More models available - click here.

Cleaning & Resurfacing

As part of our core value proposition of keeping our customers' manufacturing equipment functioning at peak performance for as long as possible, we also clean and resurface parts and components from multiple process areas. We manage the process from end to end, guaranteeing the fastest turnaround time at the lowest prices possible.

Atomic Level Cleaning Safe deposition removal and surface treatment on parts subject to damage from traditional abrasive-type cleaning; 'Dry Ice Blasting' available for some items
InSitu Deposition Inhibition Cleaning technology with defect reduction built into the process; final surface contamination controlled
Performance Coatings Coatings include: Yttria oxide, zirconium oxide, composite TWAS, adhesion coating for multi-layer solutions, plasma coating for quartz, CTE-matching TWAS coatings

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